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Leica M500 Surgical Microscope – Unmatched Precision and User-Friendly Design

Elevate surgical precision with the Leica M500 Microscope, offering unmatched performance for surgeons and user-friendly design for operating room nurses. With advanced movement systems, 300-watt dual Xenon arc lamp illumination, and a compact, maneuverable design, the M500 ensures unparalleled optical clarity and comfort during procedures.

Leica M530 OHX Surgical Microscope – Enhanced Visibility and Precision for Surgical Excellence

Elevate surgical precision with the Leica M530 OHX Surgical Microscope, featuring FusionOptics for high resolution and enhanced depth of field. With integrated fluorescent modes, a 600 mm working distance, and customizable controls, this microscope ensures clear visibility and ease of use in cranial, spinal, and plastic reconstructive surgeries.

ZEISS ARTEVO 800 – Precision Vision for Surgical Excellence

Elevate your surgical experience with ZEISS ARTEVO 800, offering excellent resolution, outstanding depth of field, and reduced light intensity for enhanced workflow efficiency and patient comfort. With DigitalOptics integration and real-time data in the surgeon's view, this advanced system ensures precision vision in cataract, cornea, retina, and glaucoma surgeries.

ZEISS OPMI Pico – Precision Visualization for ENT and Gynecology

Elevate ENT and Gynecology care with ZEISS OPMI pico, a compact microscope delivering precision visualization, clarity, and usability. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies like LED illumination and Varioskop® 100, this microscope ensures high-quality examinations and treatments while streamlining the clinical workflow with a user-optimized design.