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Datascope Passport XG Patient Monitor

Explore the Datascope Passport XG Patient Monitor, designed for hospital, surgical, bedside, and transport use. With a large color display and versatile monitoring capabilities, including EKG, NIBP, pulse oximetry, and temperature, it ensures comprehensive patient care.

Datascope Spectrum OR Patient Monitor: Tailored for Anesthesia Excellence

Experience excellence in anesthesia monitoring with the Datascope Spectrum OR patient monitor. Tailored for anesthesiologists, it features a 12.1-inch display, standard peri-anesthesia functions, motion-tolerant SpO2, and scalable options for high acuity needs.

Datex AS/3 Compact Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Empower healthcare professionals with the Datex AS/3 Compact Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor from Zurich Corp. This portable device measures ECG, NIBP, SpO2, and temperature, ensuring comprehensive patient monitoring. Invest in excellence for exceptional patient care.

Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap 5: Precision Monitoring for Hemodynamics and Airway Gas

Experience precision monitoring with the Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap 5. This sophisticated monitor, available in hemodynamic and hemodynamic with airway gas measurement models, offers advanced solutions for healthcare professionals in operating and recovery room settings.

Drager Infinity Delta XL: Versatile Monitoring for All Acuity Levels

Experience versatile monitoring with the Drager Infinity Delta XL. This patient monitors, with a 12.2-inch TFT-LCD display, multiple monitoring channels, and connectivity options, seamlessly caters to the needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Ensure uninterrupted care with lithium-ion battery support.

Drager Infinity Delta: Seamless Patient Monitoring from Bedside to Transport

Experience continuous patient monitoring with Drager Infinity Delta, a monitor that seamlessly transitions from bedside to transport. With a 10.4-inch TFT color LCD, customizable parameters, wired or wireless capabilities, and pick-and-go technology, the Delta ensures uninterrupted patient care.

Drager Infinity Kappa XLT: Fixed Vital Signs Monitor for Comprehensive Patient Care

Experience comprehensive patient care with the Drager Infinity Kappa XLT, a fixed vital signs monitor designed for versatility and efficiency. Connect seamlessly to the Infinity Network or use it as a standalone device at the bedside.

GE CARESCAPE B650: Advanced Patient Monitoring Platform

Experience unparalleled patient monitoring with the GE CARESCAPE B650, featuring advanced clinical measurements, intuitive design, and backward compatibility. Enhance efficiency with USB ports and adaptability to various care areas.

GE Dash 2500: Advanced Bedside and Mobile Patient Monitor

Experience clinical excellence with the GE Dash 2500 Patient Monitor. Versatile and reliable, it delivers a new standard in bedside and mobile patient monitoring. Compact, lightweight, and with a large color screen, it ensures accuracy and uninterrupted data flow during patient transport.

GE Dash 4000 Pro: Advanced Configured Patient Monitor

Experience the pinnacle of patient monitoring with the GE Dash 4000 Pro. Unmatched adaptability, modular flexibility, and revolutionary assessment tools make it ideal for clinicians in diverse care settings.

GE Datex Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Monitor: Comprehensive Patient Monitoring Solution

Experience effortless anesthesia management with the GE Datex Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Monitor. This comprehensive patient monitoring solution offers a full range of parameters, intuitive use, and configurable options for seamless monitoring in the OR and beyond.

GE Dinamap ProCare 300: Comprehensive Patient Monitoring for All Ages

Efficiently monitor patients of all ages with the GE Dinamap ProCare 300. With NIBP, SpO2, and a Recorder, this comprehensive patient monitoring solution offers versatility across various medical settings, ensuring ease of use and accurate readings.