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Bayer Medrad Stellant Sx – Intelligent and Intuitive Single-Head CT Injection System

Elevate your CT imaging with the Bayer Medrad Stellant Sx. This intelligent single-head CT injection system offers an intuitive interface, precise control, versatile protocols, and efficient syringe heating, ensuring optimal performance and patient safety.

Medrad Avanta – Advanced Fluid Management for Comprehensive Cardiac Imaging

Elevate your cardiac imaging capabilities with the Medrad Avanta. This advanced fluid management system offers flexible injection modes for various applications, ensuring precision and efficiency in contrast usage for comprehensive cardiac procedures.

Medrad EnVision CT Injector – Precision Control for Superior Contrast Delivery

Elevate your contrast delivery precision with the Medrad EnVision CT Injector. This flow-controlled system offers superior contrast control, a clean design for enhanced safety, and a range of syringes for tailored procedures, ensuring optimal diagnostic accuracy.

Medrad Spectris SHS 200 MR Injector – Precision Imaging with Advanced Flow Control

Precision meets convenience with the Medrad Spectris SHS 200 MR Injector. Featuring advanced flow control, dual syringe system, and a portable design, this injector sets the standard for accurate and efficient MR imaging.

Medrad Spectris Solaris EP MR Injector – Advanced Dual Syringe System for Precision MRI Procedures

Elevate MRI precision with the Medrad Spectris Solaris EP MR Injector. This dual syringe system offers advanced features, intelligent power management, and enhanced safety controls, ensuring optimal performance for diagnostic studies.

Medrad Stellant D – Dual Syringe Injector System for Enhanced Cardiac Imaging

Elevate your cardiac imaging capabilities with the Medrad Stellant D. This dual syringe injector system, equipped with Dual Flow technology and saline flush capability, offers precise control, efficiency, and flexibility for advanced clinical applications.

MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion Injection System – Streamlined Design for Effortless Precision

Streamline medical injections with the MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion Injection System. Ergonomic, lighter, and smaller, this system enhances precision, mobility, and space utilization in busy labs.

MEDRAD® Mark V ProVis – Advanced Angiographic Injection System with Enhanced Features

Elevate angiographic procedures with the MEDRAD® Mark V ProVis. This advanced system, featuring an integrated pedestal, versatile syringe configurations, and exclusive safety features, ensures precision, ease of use, and enhanced control.