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OSI Allegro 6800 Mobile Imaging Table

the OSI Allegro 6800 Mobile Imaging Table, a state-of-the-art solution for advanced imaging, patient safety, and precise control during radiographic and surgical procedures.

Skytron 3003 Impulse Radiology Table – Streamlined Imaging Control

Revolutionize imaging control with the Skytron 3003 Impulse Radiology Table. Featuring joystick control, exceptional weight capacity, and precise positioning, this table empowers healthcare professionals and enhances patient care.

Skytron Elite 3000 Imaging Table – Ideal for Pain Management and Angiography

Skytron Elite 3000 Imaging Table - Elevate your medical practice with an extended carbon fiber top, impressive weight capacity, and one-touch control. Ideal for pain management, vascular, and angiography procedures.

Steris Surgigraphic 6000 – Precision Surgical Table for Enhanced Imaging

Elevate surgical precision with the Steris Surgigraphic 6000 - offering unobstructed imaging, enhanced quality, and complete control for medical excellence.

Stille ImagiQ – Advanced Radiology Table for Reduced Radiation Dose

Stille ImagiQ - radiology with advanced features like "true free float" technology and "virtual axis imaging." Lower radiation exposure, improve soft tissue imaging, and streamline procedures.