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Dyonics 300XL Light Source: Brilliant Illumination for Endoscopic Excellence

Dyonics 300XL Light Source delivers brilliant 300-watt illumination for diverse endoscopic specialties. With extended lamp life and compatibility with major cables, it ensures optimal visibility and efficiency in medical procedures.

Integra Luxtec MLX 300 Xenon Light Source: Illuminating Surgical Excellence

The Integra Luxtec MLX 300 Xenon Light Source delivers 300 watts of cool white infrared-filtered light for exceptional surgical illumination. With a module design, high compatibility, and a 1000-hour lamp life, it ensures precision and reliability in medical procedures.

Karl Storz 20133120 Xenon Light Source: Brilliance in Fiber Optic Illumination

The Karl Storz 20133120 Xenon Light Source offers brilliance in fiber optic illumination with its 300-watt xenon bulb, advanced connectivity options, and impressive longevity. Experience clarity and performance for various medical procedures.

Olympus CLV 160 Xenon Light Source: Illuminating Excellence in Endoscopy

Unleash the brilliance of the Olympus CLV 160 Xenon Light Source in your endoscopic procedures. With a powerful 300W xenon lamp, high-intensity illumination, compact design, optimized light adjustment, and user-friendly operation, it sets a new standard for clarity and efficiency.

Olympus CLV 180: Precision Illumination for Advanced Endoscopic Imaging

Illuminate excellence in endoscopic imaging with the Olympus CLV 180. This high-intensity 300W light source, equipped with narrow-band imaging (NBI) for gastrointestinal applications, offers instant lamp control, adaptive light intensity, and powerful xenon lamp technology. With backlit controls for operational convenience, it ensures precision and reliability in every procedure.

Storz Xenon 300 – 20133020: Illuminating Excellence in Fiber Optic Medical Applications

The Storz Xenon 300 – 20133020 stands as a beacon of excellence in fiber optic illumination. Its powerful 300-watt xenon bulb, video integration capabilities, and durable design ensure superior performance in endoscopy and surgical applications.

Stryker L9000 LED Light Source: Enhanced Safety and Eco-Friendly Illumination

Experience advanced illumination with the Stryker L9000 LED Light Source, featuring Safelight technology for increased safety, remote controllability, cost savings, and eco-friendly LED efficiency. Elevate your medical procedures with confidence and environmental consciousness.

Stryker X8000 Light Source: Brilliance in Surgical Visualization

Experience surgical precision with the Stryker X8000 Light Source, designed for enhanced visualization in tandem with the Stryker 1188 HD 3-Chip Camera. Featuring a powerful 300W xenon bulb, intuitive interface, Align-Lock technology, single-handed insertion, and electronic scope sensing, it sets a new standard for clarity in surgical procedures.

Versatile Illumination: CLK-4 Compact Light Source for Olympus OES Fiberscopes

The CLK-4 Compact Light Source is tailored for Olympus OES fiberscopes, offering a halogen bulb, extended lamp life, air feed pump, and a compact, lightweight design. Illuminate your medical procedures with precision and flexibility.