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Certified Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Battery & Multi-Class Fires – 1L, 2L, 6L, 9L

Our Certified Fire Extinguisher offers reliable protection for lithium battery and multi-class fires. It utilises advanced encapsulator agent technology in 1L, 2L, 6L, and 9L sizes to deliver effective and eco-friendly fire suppression. Ideal for safeguarding your personal space, home power wall, electric vehicle, RV, and lithium recreational equipment, this extinguisher meets rigorous safety certifications. Its eco-conscious formulation is 100% biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals such as PFOA and PFAS. The extinguisher is versatile, with portable and mounted application options, ensuring comprehensive fire safety across various environments.

TRPL-E Encapsulator Agent – Cutting-Edge Fire Suppression Solution

TRPL-E Encapsulator Agent offers advanced fire suppression with mineral-based micro-technology. Ideal for lithium batteries and other fires, TRPL-E ensures fast, reliable, and eco-friendly fire safety.

GE Avance CS2 Anesthesia Machine: Integrated Carestation Solution

The GE Avance CS2 Anesthesia Machine combines anesthesia delivery, patient monitoring, and data management in one compact and fully integrated Carestation solution. With advanced features like ecoFLOW technology and a movable touchscreen display, it ensures efficient and precise anesthesia administration.

Portable X-ray Machine – Versatile Imaging Solution for On-the-Go Diagnosis

Unlock convenient diagnosis with our Portable X-ray Machine. Featuring adjustable KV regulation, tube current, and exposure time, this compact imaging solution ensures precise and versatile imaging for modern healthcare environments.

DR X-RAY WIRELESS – Cutting-edge Flat Panel Detector for Superior Imaging

Elevate diagnostic radiography with the DR X-RAY WIRELESS flat panel detector. This cutting-edge device offers real-time imaging, high resolution, and wireless convenience, revolutionizing diagnostic precision.

International 2015 Fire Truck – Powerful Firefighting Asset

Equip your firefighting team with the powerful International 2015 Fire Truck. With a 2000-gallon tank, 500 GPM pump, and advanced emergency systems, this red-colored powerhouse ensures rapid response and maximum efficiency.

Premium Defibrillator Analyzers and AED Testers for Life-Saving Equipment

Ensure the reliability of your life-saving equipment with Zurich Corporation's Defibrillator Analyzers and AED Testers - the Impulse 6000D and Impulse 7000DP. Request a quote for precision testing today!

Comprehensive Medical Equipment Calibration & Repair Services by Zurich Corp.

Explore Zurich Corporation's comprehensive medical equipment calibration and repair services for optimal performance. Trust our expert team of CBET and CRES biomedical engineers to keep your equipment operating at its best.

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