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Amsco Eagle 3000 Series Medium Sterilizer: Cutting-Edge Microcomputer Control for Precise Sterilization

Discover precision in sterilization with the Amsco Eagle 3000 Series Medium Sterilizer. Equipped with an advanced microcomputer control system and two versatile configurations, this sterilizer ensures accurate cycle setup and monitoring, meeting the highest standards in sterilization technology.

ASP STERRAD 100S: Advanced Sterilization for Enhanced Healthcare Safety

Experience advanced sterilization with ASP STERRAD 100S, utilizing cutting-edge STERRAD Technology for a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level in just 55 minutes. This freestanding system with easy loading, single-button operation, and a convenient printer ensures efficient and safe healthcare practices.

Getinge 46 Series Washer Disinfector – Efficiency and Adaptability for Sterile Supply Departments

The Getinge 46 Series Washer Disinfector is designed for larger surgical instrument sets and central sterile supply departments. With versatile adaptability, efficient drying, and a user-friendly design, it's the ideal solution for healthcare facilities.

Pelton and Crane Magna-Clave: Industry-Leading Sterilization Excellence

Pelton and Crane Magna-Clave sets the standard for industry-leading sterilization. With a patented door lock, indicator lights, and a large chamber capacity, this manually-operated sterilizer ensures safety, clarity, and efficiency. Choose excellence for your sterilization needs.

Steris Amsco 3052: Cutting-Edge Washer/Disinfector for Efficient Utensil and Instrument Cleaning

Discover the advanced cleaning capabilities of Steris Amsco 3052 Washer/Disinfector. With a touchscreen control system, space-saving design, and eight pre-loaded cycles, it ensures efficient cleaning for various healthcare essentials.

Steris Amsco 400 Series Large Steam Sterilizers: High-Volume Precision

Steris Amsco 400 Series large steam sterilizers offer a spacious chamber for high-volume sterilization. Choose between manual hinged or automated sliding doors, ensuring precision and efficiency in diverse medical environments.

Steris Amsco Century V116 Steam Sterilizer: Rapid and Reliable Sterilization Solutions

Experience the efficiency of Steris Amsco Century V116 Steam Sterilizer, offering versatile cycles, cabinet-mounted design, and an automatic vertical door for hands-free operation. With a spacious chamber, this sterilizer ensures rapid and reliable sterilization of various materials.

Steris Amsco Century V120 Steam Sterilizer: Unmatched Efficiency and Precision

Elevate your sterilization standards with Steris Amsco Century V120 Steam Sterilizer, offering unmatched efficiency and precision. With versatile cycles, a user-friendly touchscreen control system, and continuous monitoring, this sterilizer ensures reliable performance for all your heat and water-resistant materials.

Steris Amsco Eagle 10 Autoclave: Secure, Swift, and Reliable Sterilization

Discover the pinnacle of sterilization with Steris Amsco Eagle 10 Autoclave—delivering secure, swift, and reliable sterilization in a large-capacity, compact design. With user-friendly controls, self-diagnostic features, and fast cycles, it's the ideal solution for clinics of any size.

Tuttnauer 2540 EKA Autoclave: Unmatched Efficiency with Advanced Drying Features

Elevate your sterilization efficiency with the Tuttnauer 2540 EKA Autoclave. With an advanced drying cycle, high-efficiency air pump, and user-friendly controls, this autoclave is perfect for busy clinics, labs, and dental offices.

Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave: Reliable Manual Sterilization

Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave ensures reliable manual sterilization for healthcare facilities. With automatic shut-off, safety features, and international certifications, it combines efficiency with trusted performance.