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Allied Healthcare L190-GR Portable Aspirator – Reliable Emergency Suction Anywhere, Anytime

Ensure reliable emergency suction anywhere, anytime with the Allied Healthcare L190-GR Portable Aspirator. Designed for transport, this aspirator offers continuous operation, versatile suction capabilities, and efficient bacteria filtration, making it an indispensable tool for emergency medical scenarios.

Gomco 6036 and 6037 Constant and Intermittent Pumps – Versatile and Efficient Suction Solutions

Discover exceptional versatility in suction technology with the Gomco 6036 and 6037 Constant and Intermittent Pumps. Featuring a unique diaphragm vacuum source and automatic lock feature, these pumps offer precise control with separate collection systems for constant and intermittent modes. UL/ULC listed, that they ensure safety and efficiency in diverse medical suction procedures.