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Allied Omnivent MRI-Compatible OmniVent Ventilator – Unparalleled Reliability and Performance

Elevate respiratory care with the Allied Omnivent MRI-Compatible OmniVent Ventilator. Unparalleled in reliability and performance, this ventilator exceeds military specifications and offers versatile ventilation modes for a wide range of clinical needs.

Bair Hugger 750/775 Warmer: Redefining Excellence in Forced-Air Warming

The Bair Hugger 750/775 Warmer redefines excellence in forced-air warming, featuring three temperature sensors, intelligent therapy duration tracking, and an advanced user interface. Experience precision in patient care with this benchmark temperature management system.

BEAR CUB™ 750 PVS Ventilator – Precision Pediatric Critical Care Ventilation

Consider neonatal and pediatric critical care with the BEAR CUB™ 750 PVS Ventilator. This microprocessor-controlled device offers precise ventilation, gas conditioning, and a comprehensive set of features for adaptable and reliable respiratory support.

Burdick Quest Stress Test System – Advanced Cardiac Evaluation

Elevate cardiac evaluations with the Burdick Quest Stress Test System. Featuring a user-friendly touch screen, comprehensive testing capabilities, and advanced correction features, it ensures efficient and accurate patient care.

Carescape Telemetry T14 – Advanced Wireless Patient Monitoring for Hospital Excellence

Elevate patient monitoring with the Carescape Telemetry T14. GE Healthcare's revolutionary wireless solution expands telemetry capacity, offering atrial fibrillation trending, remote servicing, and enhanced reporting for hospital excellence.

CASE System for Exercise Testing – Advanced Clinical Decision Support

Elevate clinical decision support with the CASE® System for Exercise Testing. It adapts to various workflows with advanced algorithms, networking capabilities, and diagnostic tools, providing accurate and efficient exercise testing.

Covidien Newport e360 Ventilator – Advanced Ventilation for All Ages

Elevate respiratory care with the Covidien Newport e360 Ventilator. Versatile and feature-rich, this ventilator provides advanced ventilation options for adult and pediatric patients, ensuring optimal care in various healthcare settings.

Covidien Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator – Rugged, Portable, and Exceptionally Versatile

Elevate patient care with the Covidien Newport HT70 Plus Ventilator. Rugged, portable, and exceptionally versatile, this ventilator provides advanced features such as on-airway flow sensing, hot-swappable batteries, and a user-friendly touch screen for easy navigation.

CSZ Blanketrol III: Advanced Temperature Management System for Rapid Patient Cooling and Warming

The CSZ Blanketrol III Temperature Management System offers advanced Gradient Temperature Technology for rapid or gradual patient cooling and warming. With three hose connectors, internal by-pass, and intuitive controls, it ensures precise temperature regulation for enhanced patient care.

Drager Air-Shields Isolette C450 QT: Advanced Infant Incubator for Optimal Neonatal Care

Ensure optimal care for neonates with the Drager Air-Shields Isolette C450 QT infant incubator. With features like Quiet Touch QT™, patented Air Curtain, and variable mattress tilts, it provides a thermally controlled environment while minimizing noise and disturbances.

Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus: Precision Neonatal Ventilation System

Elevate neonatal care with the Dräger Babylog 8000 Plus, offering non-invasive respiratory support, versatile ventilation modes, and integrated monitoring for precise and adaptable neonatal ventilation.

Dräger Babylog VN500: Advanced Ventilation for Neonatal and Pediatric Patients

Elevate neonatal and pediatric ventilation with the Dräger Babylog VN500, featuring advanced monitoring, an intuitive interface, and efficient performance for precise respiratory support.