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Elevate Critical Care with Hillrom Advanta 2 ICU Bed: Unmatched Functionality for Caregivers

Elevate critical care with the Hillrom Advanta 2 ICU Bed, offering intuitive features such as IntelliDrive transport, chair positioning, and integrated scale. With user-friendly controls and unmatched functionality, this bed empowers caregivers for optimal patient care.

Hill-Rom Advanta P1600A/B: Advanced Articulation for Superior Patient Care

Elevate patient care with Hill-Rom Advanta P1600A/B Beds, featuring advanced articulation, multiple movement options, and customizable features for comprehensive healthcare. Ensure patient comfort and safety with emergency manual operation.

Hill-Rom VersaCare Bed: Precision Comfort and Versatility in Med-Surg Care

Discover precision comfort with the Hill-Rom VersaCare Bed, offering one-button controls, adjustable features, and smart bed technology for seamless med-surg care. The bed's versatility and integrated technologies ensure a comfortable and safe experience for patients and caregivers.

HillRom Affinity 4 Birthing Bed:Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility for Labor and Delivery

Optimize the birthing experience with the HillRom Affinity 4 Birthing Bed, offering versatile positioning, a gas-assisted Trendelenburg mechanism, and a choice of mattresses. Designed for comfort and flexibility, it supports patients up to 470 lbs.

Revolutionize Patient Comfort with Hill-Rom Advance Series Beds

Elevate patient care with Hill-Rom Advance Series Beds, featuring automatic patient adjustment, night illumination, and versatile movements. Built for comfort, these beds offer robust construction and emergency manual operation for reliable healthcare delivery.

Stryker GoBed II: Revolutionizing Patient Care with Mobility and Efficiency

Revolutionize patient care with the Stryker GoBed II Med/Surg Bed, featuring intuitive controls, low bed height, and integrated pump holder. Designed for efficiency and mobility, this bed ensures a secure and comforting environment for swift patient recovery.

Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed: Elevating Maternal Comfort with Innovative Design

Elevate maternal comfort with the Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed, offering innovative features like single-button trend adjustment, Skoocher technology, and a low bed height for easy accessibility. This birthing bed prioritizes simplicity, mobility, and safety for a comforting birthing experience.

Stryker S3 Secure Bed: Enhanced Patient Assistance and Comfort

Elevate patient care with the Stryker S3 Secure Bed, featuring one-hand operation, an intermediate position for patient assistance, and advanced monitoring capabilities. This bed prioritizes autonomy, comfort, and precision healthcare monitoring.

Stryker Secure 2 Bed: Customizable Comfort and Superior Patient Handling

Experience unparalleled comfort and superior patient handling with the Stryker Secure II Bed. This fully customizable med/surg bed features a dual pedestal design, CPR release, and electronic lock-out control, setting the benchmark for security and intuitive operation.