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Produce Up To 8 Gallons Of Pure, Clean & Fresh Water With Our Air Water Generator:
Whether you want to cut water costs or just enjoy drinking pure and clear water, our 5 stage water filter and the generator have you covered! It collects and transforms the air around it into hot or cold drinkable water on demand without any hassles. Our alkaline water generator provides dehumidification along with air and water purification using a 5 stage filtration process to bring you water that’s pure and perfect for both kids and adults making it the ideal choice for any smart home or office.

Purify Water & Reduce Water Costs:
In case of low humidity, the air heater and cooler water generator can be connected to your existing plumbing or water pipes to provide you with 99.9% pure by filtering out heavy metal and impurities in the water so you don’t have to rely on bottled water again. This portable hydrogen water generator only requires air and electricity to start producing water on its own. It features a built-in cooler/heater to provide you with hot and cold water. The unit's working temperature is 64°F to 95°F and 40% to 90% humidity.

More Features You’ll Love:

  • Designed with an intuitive front display to make it easier to use.
  • Offers separate buttons and outlets for cold and hot water with safety locks.
  • Eliminates the need to rely on bottled water or piped-in dispensers.
  • Also helps dehumidify the air in the room its placed in to reduce AC costs.
  • Perfect for any home, office, or business that wants to reduce water costs.

Make The Smart Choice To Enjoy Clean & Pure Water With Our Atmospheric Water Generator & Filter!