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Zurich Corporation
Zurich Corp is one among the acknowledged and leading global distributors of high-standard, new and pre-owned medical equipment.

Since 2001 our staff has committed to prioritizing our customer’s satisfaction by delivering outstanding services and guaranteeing the best prices on the market as well as high-quality medical equipment.

Our internationally available online catalogue has helped us work collaboratively with medical doctors, biomedical scientists, engineers, research institutions, hospitals and medical centers all over the world.

MICROSTAT and OCEAN MEDICAL are subsidiaries, from ZURICH CORPORATION and focus on special product niches, innovation, and development of new markets.

Some of the competitive advantages of ZURICH CORPORATION include:
• Lower Costs - Multi-vendor competition means customers can do more with less.
• Control - Customers are empowered as the balance of power shifts away from a single dominant vendor and multiple vendors can flourish.

Our company is working with customers nation and worldwide, with specialized logistics partners companies and associates giving the best delivery and efficient cost in the shipping of the merchandise around the world.
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